A prerequisite for application to Citation Models
Citation works mostly with models that have work experience. Therefore you should provide information on your previous model career. Your body size should be at least 1.74 m for women, or for men, at least 1.84 meters. Female models should have clothing sizes 34 to 38. In addition to natural and photogenic looks, reliability and self discipline are especially important. Minimum age is 14.

Earning opportunities for Citation Models
The daily fees of our models are based on the experience and market value of the models.

The right application pictures
Please send us pictures from your sedcard. If you don’t have professional ones, we need natural pictures as portraits, with a neutral and also with a laughing face. These pictures should be in frontal and lateral orientation. For women, we would appreciate pictures with hair tied or long hair open. Furthermore, we need pictures of your whole body. Ideally you wear body flattering clothing such as jeans or leggings combined with a simple shirt and high heels. If you prefer working in the fields of underwear and beachwear clothing you also need pictures in underwear of course. Please make sure that your pictures are in good quality and under good lighting conditions.

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